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Linking Partners

Good Products - Good Business - Good Friends

Over the years good business turns into good friendships. We are proud to feature a great group of our good friends. We invite you to visit our friends websites. The diversity in products are great as well as the friendship they offer.

American Fishes

"Les's pewter pins are incredible. His fish pins gracefully capture subtleties of color and shape that make them miniature replicas of the real thing. I have used them on many occasions as gifts for scientists and anglers, and we have distributed them widely in the mountains of Mexico to remind local people of the plight of their native trout."

Islander Reels

"Islander Reels is pleased and fortunate to have formed a strong relationship with Les Douglas and Steve Rohrbach of Creative Castings [Creative Pewter Designs]. Together, Les and Steve have formed a team which has allowed Creative Castings to grow and expand in new and exciting directions.

We are very pleased with our association with Creative Castings and would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone looking for new and unique creative products."

Barry Stokes, Manager-Islander Reels

Brian O'Keefe - Fishing, Travel and Outdoor Photography

"I have been wearing Creative Casting's Painted Pewter Pins for over 15 years. Besides enjoying the quality workmanship and creative designs myself, I have used the pins as gifts for years, also."

www.brianokeefephotos.com - www.catchmagazine.net
Jeff Currier - Global Fly Fishing

"As a fly fishing retailer of more than 20 years, I can honestly say Les's fish pins are a favorite item amongst my customers. These gorgeous works of art remind our customers of their most memorable catches and also make outstanding gifts."

Jeff Currier

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